Nina Walden


Cell: (701) 301-1702 | Office: (406) 549-0094


REALTOR #89511

Cell: (701) 301-1702

Office: (406) 549-0094


REALTOR #89511

About Me

I first received my real estate license in 2003 after ending my military career while living in Georgia.. Since then, I’ve spent several years helping clients and customers in Georgia, South Carolina and North Dakota realize their dreams of homeownership. Having served in the military and railroad industries, I am no stranger to relocation and understand the complexities and stress that come with these moves. I’ll do my best to help make your transition as smooth as possible while helping you and your family find the perfect home. As a homeowner who has moved several times across multiple states, I also understand the importance of knowing the local area and pricing homes appropriately. Buy or sell, I am here to help!

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