Jesse Pyles


Cell: (406) 214-5409 | Office: (406) 549-0094


MLS#: 545050837 | License #: 88596

Cell: (406) 214-5409

Office: (406) 549-0094


MLS#: 545050837 | License #: 88596

About Me

Western Montana has been my home since 2005 and I bought my first home here with Shelly Evans in 2006. I now reside in and am deeply familiar with Montana’s rural far west. Montana’s wild nature inspires me, and I spend considerable time in it, hiking, kayaking, and rafting, spring to autumn, and snowshoeing in winter. In particular, the beautiful Clark Fork River mesmerizes and uplifts the senses. Along its banks, I have been graced to observe a pair of bears scale a mountainside, and watch a bald eagle pursue an osprey for the trout it had just sunk its talons into, in a striking aerial display, at once reminiscent of partner ballet and a Great War era dogfight. I would be delighted to help you find your quiet corner of the world in Montana’s rural west.  

I recently retired from a successful career in strategic planning, technology system integrations, and business operations consulting. Working within and across multiple organizations with distinct cultures and nationalities, flexibility, listening, and hard work were always the key success factors. I also excel in human factors and conflict resolution. Life has afforded me the opportunity to travel extensively, domestically and abroad, and I speak, read, or write several languages with varying levels of fluency. My abiding interests in human interactions and cultural exchange led me to earn a doctoral degree in the humanities, with specializations in history, geography, and the environment.

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