About Me

“If you want someone who knows Missoula, how to analyze situations, negotiate a good deal for you, and write great contracts that protect you, then call me.
I have lived in Missoula since 1971 and know the town very well. 
I have expertise in home construction.  I have worked on more than 500 houses here in Missoula and have completely remodeled several houses.
I also have extensive experience with rental housing having owned over 15.  I am very good at analyzing situations if you are interested in investing in rentals.  Also I have a degree in math.   
I first got my real estate license in 1980 for 2 years, and started again in 2003.
If you want someone with this background, I will help you through one of the biggest decisions in your life with honesty, integrity, knowledge, and experience.  Call me anytime.”

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